Lucifero Arrigoni

From Lombardy, Lucifero is a blue cheese characterized by the addition of chili peppers, creating an original hybrid of sweetness and heat. Bright white and buttery, with the sharpness of an aged blue, the creaminess perfectly balances the spicy of the chili peppers, treating the palate to a devilish sensation. With a name like Lucifero, you know it is sinfully delicious.

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You’re welcome!

We’d like to send a special “you’re welcome!” to Mary and John Bello, who had these kind words for our catering deparment:

    The graduation party you catered for us was outstanding!!! Chuck, Scott, Carla, Kim and Danny – you all were exceptional, thank you!!! We are still receiving kudos for the best grad party of 2014!

Need a Black Tie caterer? Or just some party trays? Either way, We can help!

Call us at 216-881-0045 ext 22 for further details.

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Hand Packed Gourmet Pickled Goodness

From right down the road in Michigan, Gallucci’s is excited to carry Safie’s Pickled Condiments. For a lowfat snack, the perfect side to a sandwich, or that bit of zest to your Bloody Mary, Safie’s does all the heavy lifting of a normal pickle, with an inimatable flavor that is all their own. Made in the silver kettles of Safie’s kitchen, the beauty of the Michigan harvest can be tasted in every product. Farm fresh and hand-picked beets, cucumbers, asparagus, beans, peppers, onions, cauliflower, and okra brew magnificent delicacies as the eater is welcomed to the “Art and Sophistication of Home-Style Canning.”

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With Boska Toastabags, making a delicious grilled cheese sandwich is as simple as using your toaster!

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New Sandwich Slicing Cheeses!

Gallucci’s now features 4 new sandwich slicing cheeses, all based on gourmet cheeses we already carry, but in a loaf style to slice that’s perfect for cold cuts, or grilled cheese sandwiches.

Edam- A semi-soft cheese from Holland, that is very mild, slightly nutty, and sharpens with age.

Fresh Mozzarella- Yes, the very same that comes deliciously packed in water, and brightens up your Caprese Salad is now ready to slice perfectly thin for your sandwich needs!

Danish Fontina- The slightly sharp but always smooth Dutch take on the Italian favorite, this is the most meltable for grilled cheese.

Manchego- Spanish sheep’s milk cheese that is buttery and creamy, from La Mancha just like Don Quixote.

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Basso Olive Oil

Now at Gallucci’s, Basso Unfiltered Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You can have this outstanding Olive Oil for the introductory price of $7.99 for 16.9oz, or $12.99 for 33.8oz!

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